Ride Repair Repeat is your friendly, honest, reliable  mobile bicycle service. We offer expert repair, sales,  parts, accessories, custom bike builds and more. We do everything from fixing the flat you got riding to work; to consulting on your dream bike. If you’re looking for a bike to ride on the weekend with your family, or a custom wheel set for your touring or racing bicycle – whatever your needs – Ride Repair Repeat is your solution.

Dave, the owner and qualified mechanic, has an incredible range of experience. Dave has worked on everything from the $15 garage sale bikes in need of new brake pads,  to the $15,000 racing bike you’re tuning up for your next race.   Dave is always honest, welcoming, helpful, and reliable. Our goal is to identify exactly what you need, explain our suggestions and reasoning, and get you back on your bike as soon as possible.


Dave is a dedicated rider with extensive personal experience in commuting and racing, having represented Australia. He knows what it’s like out there and is more than happy to help make your ride the best it can be.

What I think is a very important feature of my workshop is, from the start of the repair process all the way through to the finish, you will be only dealing with me. The owner and the mechanic. No miscommunication! That to me is a priority in getting the job done to the utmost of quality.

Having 20+ years of bicycle mechanic experience, I decided it was about time. Time for me to give you 100% of what your bike needs. A reliable bike repair service. My bike shop also caters for every cyclist from the family group ride all the way to the elite rider.


Having done lengthy stints at bike shops around the greater area of Perth since 1998 and having just completed employment at my previous job with Kalamunda Cycles, where I was a head mechanic for 5 years, I found this to be a great opportunity to continue with my passion.

I was the founder of the Total Travel Cycling Team. Since 2009 Total Travel WA have been actively involved in cycling and have had their own team racing in local and international events. This has led to them becoming known as the “cycling travel specialists” with bookings for National Road Series teams and cycle groups wanting to undertake group travel without having to deal with the logistics. No longer an active member of the team but an avid follower.

I have always gone the extra mile for my customers to provide a genuine, personal experience. I did that at shops I never owned, so I am certain I can only do more working from my own business. My goal is to help you save time and money, while doing the most professional technical work on your bike.



MON - FRI 9am - 5pm

0420 797 648